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Team Training (DVD)


The team that plays together stays together, and I'm not talking about practice on the field. The secret to the success of whatever soccer team these Czech studs play for is their after-training workouts. "Team Training" has a light-hearted relaxing feel to it, with the models excelling at simple beautiful sex, edited interestingly so many the sex scenes seem to be happening at once.

Things start very well, with all of the guys near naked in the locker room before training. But things go awry quickly as they put ON their clothes! No, no, keep them off! They head off to work up a sweat playing soccer. All of them are quite adept with the balls (stop it).

Julian Benet, a yummy cutie with moppet hair, discusses the day's training with superstar Adam Kubrick (warning, I tend to gush about this personal favorite), an amazingly handsome guy with a truly perfect young body. This soon turns to flirting and who could possibly say no to Adam's twinkling eyes? Julian licks Adam's chest and then unleashes his long uncut beauty of a dick, intent on slobbering up a lot of it and giving Adam a very excitable blowjob. Good eye contact and a great playful nature keeps it fun and light. Adam sucks next, gobbling completely the length of Julian's thick cock in the story's deepest blowjob and then they 69, staying true to their individual styles before cumming big on each other's chests.

Ernesto Jordan, a tall long-haired brunet, wants to shower, but Johan Volney, a sharp-featured hunk with sensational abs, and Martin Nowotny, an adorable little black-haired cutie, stay behind. Martin teases Johan until he's hard and jacks off Johan until offering a blowjob. He tends to Johan nicely, doing a feisty workout as Johan eggs him on with copious compliments. It doesn't take long for both to cum.

Gangly Ernesto, meanwhile, is busying himself with a solo routine in the shower. He seems to be having as much fun with some soap and a hard cock as the guys he just left.

But, back in the gym, the insatiable Adam and Julian are joined by an unsuspecting Chad Driver, a tall pale guy, drawn into their fun by the always-controlling Adam. Adam puts him between himself and Julian so Chad can suck Adam while Julian hits him nice and greedily with a fuck. Chad, despite being ordered to "suck his dick properly," isn't the greatest sucker, but he makes up for it by allowing Julian wonderful smooth access to his ass. Adam then fucks him, roaring into action. He slams at Chad with such style, fully thrusting his cock all the way in. He fucks to perfection until both tops are ready to cum on Chad.

And what of Johan and Martin? Well, Johan is now bobbing up and down on Martin's dick, holding his own hard cock in place as he does so. He smoothly slides up and down, bouncing high with Martin's encouragement. Johan cums while riding, then begging Martin to finish on his super abs.

Don't forget Ernesto in the shower! He's still pumping himself forcefully, sitting down to fully concentrate, the steamy water cascading all over him until he pops a nice shot.

Julian and Ernesto play a spirited game of ping-pong, a sport sadly left out of most porn flicks. Julian wins, which means Ernesto has to please him. So, Ernesto gets busy on Julian's thickness, gracefully sucking it down with his ripe lips. Ernesto was fine alone, but much spicier with a partner. It takes just this short blowjob to make Julian cum and then Ernesto starts teasing Julian's ass with his cockhead. Ernesto rims Julian somewhat shyly before actually fucking him. Julian takes it sideways and Ernesto slices amiably through the lovely cheeks for a good fuck at Julian's happy prodding. Ernest is cradled in Julian's arms kissing until cumming again.

In another corner of the locker room is the stunning Joseph Ther, quite handsome with those luscious eyes and winning big-lipped smile. His partner is tall lighter Devon Donis. Add an "A" to his last name and he's described perfectly with his chiseled pecs. Devon has to use two hands and a mouth to manage Joseph's thickness. In walks Johny Saint, another mouthwatering dark model, and they rope him into action immediately. Handsome fresh-faced Johny is put on all-fours and made to suck Devon while Joseph fucks him. Once Joseph finally loses the annoying shirt covering his perfection, he works over tight Johny splendidly as Johny does equally well on Devon's dick. Chris ambles in at this point with some cum-stained shorts, and the guys mock him into participating. He's the new bottom, sucking Devon as Johny fucks him. Joseph can't be idle for long, sliding around the guys and taking a blowjob wherever he can get it. He then gets to fuck Chris, who is now alternating blowing Devon and Johny. Joseph aces his second ass, looking remarkable doing it. Devon fucks Chris so that Joseph can now get blown with Johny. Chris takes this third fuck most easily and Devon takes full advantage of his stretched ass. Chris is the real winner here, effortlessly blowing whatever cock is shoved at his face while taking some bracing fucks from behind. Naturally, Chris plays cum-rag for his tops after finishing himself.

The final two scenes are intercut rapidly. Ernesto and Johan are wrestling naked with Julian looking on attentively. This scene is a delight because it shows off the guys and their tight muscles beautifully. With the wrestlers finally hard and grabbing at each other, it's inevitable they will have to calm down a bit for some much-anticipated sex. As they start to kiss, Julian disappears to find Martin in the locker room. Martin needs a massage, but Julian somehow sprints right to Martin's asshole, the bubble cheeks being the main focal point of the oily rub down.

As predicted, things have tamed on the wrestling floor as Johan gives Ernesto a very sweet thoughtful blowjob. Ernesto turns it into a 69 with much the same feeling. Julian has Martin nice and hard, so he sucks him, tickling Martin's face with his own hardness until Martin takes the bait. Johan dives in for a glamorous power-sucking here. Julian relents and lets Martin suck him solo for a bit, as Johan starts to take some fingers to Ernesto's ass before finally fucking him. This fuck is a sideways beaut, with Johan not pushing into Ernesto any more than Ernesto wants, again very relaxing. Ernesto does soon beg for more until both cum. Julian fucks Martin as we finish our tale. He's full of ginger energy and sinks deep into Martin with alternating fast and slow sensual styles. He gets a graciously long fuck session before they kiss each other to conclusion.

I'm sure a ton of work goes into making this flick look so absolutely effortless and delightful. One doesn't think of porn as necessarily delightful in an aw-shucks kind of way, but this flick is just that. The guys are calm and there for fun, reeling off excellent sex in the context of just enjoying each other. Breezy and frothy fun, "Team Training" is a smooth little gem.

DVD features: chapters; model guide (a little review of the cast members and some of their scenes); gallery; behind-the-scenes (some Q&A with the dick-pumping studs, a photo session and general merriment during and around the action); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

A DVD Review by Brent Blue ( )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Adam Kubick, Julian Benet, Joseph Ther, Ernesto Jordan, Johan Volny, Devon Donis, Martin Nowotny and Chad Driver.

Directed by Robert Boggs.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

An Ayor / Bel Ami / Tipo Sesso DVD.

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Write a review | No reviews for this product.